Theft of Gasoline


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Images taken from acutal incident involving theft of gasoline by someone drilling a hole in a Ford pickup truck gas tank.  Incident caused a dangerous release of gasoline into parkade, necessitating emergency response by fire department.  Damages to the truck were in excess of $1000.

image20130301_001.png image20130301_002.png image20130301_003.png
image20130301_004.png image20130301_005.png image20130301_006.png
image20130301_007.png image20130301_008.png image20130301_009.png
image20130301_010.png image20130301_011.png image20130301_012.png
image20130301_013.png image20130301_014.png image20130301_015.png
image20130301_016.png image20130301_017.png